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Volunteering for Swim Meets

When they say "It takes a village..." they must have been talking about swim meets! Fun and full of friendly competition, a successful swim meet requires the help of parent volunteers.

If your swimmer would like to participate in a swim meet, we require at least one parent volunteer for either a morning or afternoon shift. 

Many people have been confused in the past about how to sign up for volunteer positions. When we open a meet, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a volunteer position. You are not tied to any specific volunteer position and can change positions meet to meet or we may assign them to you. Take a look at this list below and pick out a handful of your favorites.

Certified Positions – All Meets:

CCSL Certified Stroke and Turn Judge: Training is required for those interested in becoming a Stroke & Turn Judge. The CCSL will determine the training schedule. Once the dates are determined, we will publish them on our website and contact those who express interest.

As a Stroke & Turn Judge, you will be partnered with a S&T judge from the other team(s) and work together to determine if swimmers are following the rules for each stroke. Non-conformance, frequently referred to as “DQ” or disqualification, is noted on a "DQ slip" and brought to scoring table.

CCSL Stroke & Turn Judge Training Slides

CCSL DQ slips

CCSL Officials Cheatsheet

This is a great position for either the seasoned swim team veteran or those new to swimming and eager to learn the "stroke rules" quickly!

Non-Certified Positions – All Meets:

The following positions are open to anyone. Many positions, with the exception of starter, announcer, and stroke-and-turn judges can be learned “on-the-job” or with brief instruction.

Awards: Responsible for sorting and labeling awards for each event and personal best ribbons.

Computer Assistant: Inputs all swim times for individuals and team for each event. Tracks qualifying times, pool records and best times.

Event Roundup Tent: Supervises and coordinates swimmers before the ready bench. Escorts swimmers to the ready bench for all of their races at the appropriate times. This is a key position to keeping the meets running on time. You will not be asked to go look for swimmers who do not show up for their event.

Heat Ribbons: Determines visual order of finish of swimmers for each race and awards the heat winner a heat winner ribbon.

Ready Bench: Aligning swimmers for each event by heat and lane. Escorts swimmers from Ready Bench to pool deck. This is a key position to keeping the meets running on time. You will not be asked to go look for swimmers who do not show up for their event.

Runner: Collect deck cards from stroke and turn judges and timers after each event and deposits them at the scoring table.

Scribe: Partner with a Stroke and Turn Judge to document any DQs (Right by the pool and super easy).

Substitute Volunteer: Will assist when and where needed during the swim meet as directed by the Volunteer Coordinator. You may be called to volunteer... or maybe not.

Timers: Time the swimmers during events.

Non-Certified Positions – Home Meets Only:

Announcer: The announcer announces the upcoming events, keeps the meet running smoothly, on time, and acts as a Marlin emcee for the event.

Concessions: Sell food and drinks at our concession stand indoors at Belterra Rec Center (in the AC!)  Also responsible for set up and clean-up as needed.

Event Board Flipper: Keep event board updated with event and heat.

Hospitality: Hand out water to volunteers, make visitors feel welcome, keep bathrooms stocked, trash cans emptied, and general clean-up throughout the grounds.

Lane Caller: Sit with the computer desk and call out the lanes to the computer team (In the shade and super easy!)

Lead Ready Bench: Oversees ready bench volunteer meeting at start of the meet. Supervises ready bench volunteers and helps schedule volunteers for the meet.

Lead Stroke & Turn: Oversees stroke and turn volunteer meeting at start of the meet. Schedules stroke and turn judges during the meet.

Lead Timer: Oversees timer volunteer meeting at start of the meet. Supervises lane timers during meets, signals to Referee when timers have cleared watches, maintains watches in proper working order, and helps schedule timers for all lanes.

Marshall: Walks around and makes sure that everyone is following the rules (no one in the water except swimmers, keeping pathways open for volunteers and swimmers, etc.). This is a great job for someone who likes to be up close to the action.

Set Up: Set up the pool partially Friday night and early Saturday morning, including: arranging lawn furniture, guard stand, backstroke flags, lane guides, setting out timer’s chairs, setting up the canopies, setting up the ready bench, etc. It would be helpful, but not necessary, to have a truck.

Standby Driver: In the event that something is forgotten or we run out of something, this person will be on call to run the quick errand to help us out.

Starter: On the pool deck starting each heat, “Swimmers take your mark, beep!”

Tear Down: In charge of putting everything away after the meet on Saturday and general clean up of grounds.  It would be helpful, but not necessary, to have a truck.

Volunteer Coordinator Assistant: Check in all volunteers for the first and second shifts.

Can high school students get volunteer hours during a swim meet?

Yes, high school students can volunteer during a home or away meet for volunteer hours.  See our volunteer coordinator for more information.

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