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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my swimmer need to try-out for the 2021 swim team?

A: If your swimmer was on the 2019 Belterra Marlin swim team or age 7 & up, they do not need to try out.  If your swimmer is age 6 & under or NEW to the Belterra Marlin swim team, then yes they do need to try out.  

Q: Do we need certain supplies for swim team?

A: Yes. Your child will need to purchase a bathing suit, goggles, and towel.  Flippers are also highly encouraged for practice. Our team suit is based on our team color - Green. The 2020 swimsuit can be purchased through SwimFreak.  A Marlin team swim cap and T-Shirt come with the registration fee. Please label all items - goggles, swim suit, t-shirt, and towels.

Q: We are going on vacation/participating in summer camps etc. during swim season. Is it OK to miss practices and meets?

A: Absolutely! We realize that families have lives outside of swim team. The great thing about swim team is that you can participate at your own level. There will be an online sign-up for meets where you can indicate if your child will be absent and we ask that you let the coaches know if your child will not attend a meet. However, once your child experiences the thrill of a swim meet, they will not want to miss one! Swimmers are encouraged to come to at least 3 practices a week if they are planning on swimming in that week's meet.

Q: What if it rains or the weather looks questionable on meet or practice day?

A: Inclement Weather Policy:
Meets: If weather is too severe to swim, the meets may be postponed or cancelled by agreement of the Team’s League Representatives. Meets are held rain or shine and only delayed or cancelled during thunderstorms. You will be contacted via email and updates will be posted on the Web site if a meet is cancelled.

Practices: Practice is not canceled due to rain or impending rain. We follow our pool’s general rules regarding lightning and thunder. The presence of either requires that we vacate the pool and stay out for 30 minutes. Sometimes that can mean that a particular age group’s practice will be canceled or cut short, but other groups will not be affected. Your child’s safety is an utmost priority. As much as possible, we will communicate through email regarding weather-related issues.  We will also update the home page of the website with bulletins as often as we can.

We will make every effort to contact you via e-mail and/or website in the event a meet or practice is postponed or cancelled due to weather.

Q: How do I sign up my swimmer for meet events?

A: Each family is responsible for signing up their own swimmers on our online meet sign up site https://belterra.swimtopia.com. Each swimmer can select up to 3 individual events and the coach assigns swimmers to the relay teams. Your swimmer must arrive on time to be included in one of the relays.

All swimmers must sign up by Tuesday at 10pm of each week to swim in the upcoming Saturday meet. The league bylaws state no “deck adds.”  That means no adding swimmers on the morning of the meet.  So if your swimmer wants to swim, he/she needs to sign up by Tuesday at 10pm. And please let the Coach each week (no later than Tuesday) if your swimmer will be absent.

Q:What do I do if my swimmer or I won’t be at one of the meets?

A: Indicate on our online meet manager site https://belterra.swimtopia.com no later than Tuesday 10pm before the meet to let them know which swimmer(s) will not be at the meet. It is extremely helpful to know in advance so the computer entries and paperwork are correct the day of the meet.
Also contact your head volunteer so they can attempt to fill in your spot with another volunteer.               

Q: What is the volunteer requirement and what positions are available? 

A: Our swim team is run 100% by parent volunteers and we ask that every family (at least one parent) pitch in to help our meets run smoothly and to ensure our swimmers have the support they need to swim their best. It takes all parents to run a Belterra home swim meet.  Away meets require about 65 parent volunteers.

There are numerous opportunities to help out. We need Event Round Up Tent volunteers, Timers, Ready Bench Helpers, Runners, Ribbon Preparation & Distribution, Set-Up and Tear-Down crew, just to mention a few. Please review the complete listing of volunteer positions and their descriptions to see how you can help

Q:Where do I get a heat sheet and how do I read it?

A: Heat sheets will be posted here on our own website the night before or morning of the event for you to download and print.  You must print and bring your own heat sheet to each meet. 

All swim events for the meet have an event number and are listed in the order they will be swum. For example, Event 17 is the girls 6 & under 25 yard freestyle. There are 6 lanes in the pool so if there are more than 6 swimmers, an additional heat is added for the event.

The pool lane is listed down the left side of the page, followed by the name of the swimmer who will be in that lane. Dashes indicate there is no swimmer in the lane.

Next to the name is the swimmers age, the team they are on, and their seed time. NT = no time. Seed time is established the first time a swimmer swims an event or from their best time if they have swum the event in the past.

Q: What is the difference between Event Round Up tents and Ready Bench?

A: The Event Round Up tents will be where your swimmers will gather for their event before they are taken to the host meet's Ready Bench.  Event Round Up volunteers will work as a team to post upcoming events, organize Belterra swimmers, and communicate with Ready Bench volunteers.  

The Ready Bench is the final step before they head to the pool to swim.  Volunteers at the Ready Bench organize swimmer's by heat and lane assignment.  Please pay close attention to the white board on the Event Round Up tents for the event being "rounded up"!  We will not be able to come look for missing swimmers.

Q: Why doesn’t my swimmer have a seed time? 

A: Seed time is established the first time a swimmer swims an event or from their best time if they have swum the event in the past. This year, all swimmers 11 & up will start without seed times and establish their times the first time they swim an event this season

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No, we do not offer refunds for the swim team. 

Q: Is there a lost and found?

A:  Yes. Look for a large bucket near the door of the lifeguard building. If you can’t find it, ask one of the life guards during practice or meets.

Q: Which summer league do we belong to?

A: We are part of the Capital City Summer League. http://capitalcitysummerleague.com/

Q: How many swimmers are on the team?

A: About 250 swimmers!

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