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Meet Guide

Lots to learn but easy once you've been through one or two Saturdays! Competing in swim meets is completely optional - but they are sure a fun way to spend time with team and create lasting summer memories.


As with our online team registration system, we are also going to be using swimtopia for online sign up for each swim meet. Please visit our Upcoming Meets/Evens to sign up for meets.

Sign up for each meet will open about a week before the meet occurs and then will close the Tuesday before the meet at 10pm. An email reminder will be sent out when sign up has been opened.

Coaches will review event selections and need to approve any new events for swimmers. Once a swimmer shows a legal stroke in practice, they will be encouraged/allowed to swim in the meet.

Explanation of "Registration Status""Pending" - event is scheduled, sign up opening soon
"Open" - event is open for sign up
"Closed" - event is closed for additional entries

Relays: relays are auto-generated by fastest times placed in relays A, B, C. If there is a chance you will not be able to make the meet, select "No Relays".


Grab your permanent marker, heat sheet, and swimmer!! Use spray sunscreen AFTER marking!

Reading the Heat Sheet
Swim meets are broken up into EVENTS, HEATS, and LANES.

For example, your child may be swimming girls 9-10, 25 Backstroke which is typically EVENT 15. Within that EVENT, the heat sheets will show what HEAT and LANE she will be swimming. Look for EVENT 15, then look for your swimmer's name. The HEAT number (ex Heat 2 of 3) and LANE number will be indicated for each EVENT.

How to Mark your swimmer's arm, leg, shoulder...For a 9 yo girl swimming EVENT (E) 15, 2nd HEAT (H), in LANE 5 (L) and EVENT 23, 3rd HEAT, in lane 6 should look like this:


15 2 5 BA

23 3 6 FR

Where to Mark?

A good place to mark is the inside of wrist, upper arm, or top of thigh - anywhere where they can easily view and read events.

  • eat a good dinner with plenty of carbs and low amount of protein the night before
  • go to bed early if possible
  • drink plenty of fluids (no soda or carbonated beverages)
  • Have children arrive ON TIME AND READY TO SWIM (i.e., fed, well hydrated, sunscreen applied, and in swimsuit with cap and goggles in hand).
  • Have children report to the coaches before team warm-ups, as each team has a pre-assigned warm-up period.
  • the league by-laws state no "deck adds." That means no adding swimmers on the morning of the meet. So if your swimmer wants to swim he/she needs to be signed up in advance.
  • please make sure your seating area at each meet is completely cleaned before leaving that day. We do not have a service to clean up after meets-that is the responsibility of each and every family.
  • one parent from each family must volunteer in some capacity during the swim season.
  • be a good role model. Demonstrate a good sportsmanship to your children by staying until the end of the meet and cheering on the other swimmers on the team. Encourage your children to do the same. Children learn good sportsmanship from their coaches, their peers, and their parents.
  • abide by the Belterra Community Pool Rules.
  • with the exception of the times that the team is sharing the pool with the neighborhood when the pool is open to all, the pool is considered CLOSED and no non-swim team children are allowed to be in the pool. The top pool is CLOSED to all.
  • towels - actually bringing more than one per swimmer is very helpful
  • goggles
  • swim cap
  • team suit
  • chairs/blankets
  • ready shade - optional - families can share
  • heat sheet - printed from your home
  • sunscreen
  • team shirt
  • water/powerade (NO SODA or caffeine beverages)
  • fruit
  • energy snacks
  • pretzels
  • no candy, cookies, or chips
  • deck of cards
  • coloring supplies
  • ipods/iphones for games and music (at your on risk, swim team is not responsible for lost or stolen items)

* HAVE FUN! Enjoy time with your children, family, friends, and neighbors.



Meter pools are slightly longer than yard pools. Heat Sheets indicate if times are in meter or yards (ie 25 Yard Free vs 25 Meter Free)

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